Web Design
We have built over 100 web sites since 1997

Web design has changed drastically in the fourteen years that we have been designing. One of the most significant changes is placing all of the design elements in an external file (called a style sheet) so that when the design is changes updates are very simple. For example, if I set the font for the site as Arial size 12, and later decide I wanted it Verdana 14, one simple change to the code will update the entire site, all pages. We understand web design, and we know what the pitfalls of design are. We test on all modern web browsers, and recognize the importance of not only looking good, but also working on Firefox, Internet Explorer, mobile browsers, Macintosh, etc.

Search Engine Optimization
Local, and loyal

You found us through our optimization, and we know it works as it has been bringing us business for many years without any paid advertising. We feel that paying for advertising is the equivalent of paying to cut in line, so we refuse to do it. We know how to code your site to bring you traffic, and we have been doing so successfully for over ten years. Nobody uses the yellow pages anymore, everyone uses search engines instead. If you are not optimized for search engines, your site will be at the bottom of the list. We feel that the only thing that matters when it comes to search is results. For that reason we don't charge you if results are not attained. Wouldn't it be great if all products and services worked that way? We stand behind our work, and we are confident that we can get you top placement. With a no risk offer like that, why not try it?


Once your site is built you may need to update text, photos, or possibly add new features such as a photo gallery or blog. We can help you with all levels of maintenance. Be it a one time update to many pages, or monthly updates to press releases, etc. Some of our web site maintenance clients include real estate agents that need listings updated, businesses that have press releases, and updates and new content additions. Send us an email with your needs, and we are happy to send you a formal proposal in regards to web site maintenance.


After experiencing a couple of disappointments with previous web designers, finding Steve was a blessing. What I enjoyed about working with Steve was his fast, reliable turn-around time and how he explained features and services that would benefit my site and my business with refreshing clarity. He's top-notch. - Jan

Steve's work was fabulous. His design sense is impeccable: the layout functions perfectly, is easy to read, and is rich in looks. He was a joy to work with, finishing ahead of schedule and with a product better than anticipated. - Asher

Steve has been a tremendous help in the development and sustainability of our website, We appreciate his countless hours and generous rates. Always able to get things done quickly, and correctly! We Joined up in 2000, and we plan on staying with FrontEndTech for many more years to come. Two thumbs up, way up! - Scott

I selected Steve to design my web site since I was very unhappy with the last company that designed my web site. It took them almost a year to complete it and they were always asking for additional fees for making very minor changes. I was taken by steve's fast response and professionalism. He completed the site as he promised in a very timely manner. He is always there to help make quick changes. I will recommend him to all my friends that are looking to have a website. - DJ Teymour